Build your own Arduino™ Clone

Arduino e-book available now

  • Want an Arduino-compatible computer that you can build for a fraction of the cost?
  • Keen to understand what all the bits do?
  • Would you like to program a computer you built yourself?

This popular, low-cost e-book shows you exactly how to build your very own Arduino-compatible Shrimp on a breadboard, and learn how to upload sketches (programs) to your new creation.

The hardware is available as a kit for less than £10/$16, or you can source all the components yourself.

Purchase risk-free!

You can buy the book from Leanpub who offer an unconditional 45-day money-back guarantee.

I hope you love this book, but if you don't, just ask Leanpub for a refund.

If you prefer, you can read a sample before you buy.

Life after Blink!

Arduino e-book coming soon

You've got an Arduino or compatible, and you've made an LED blink.

What next?

In this fun, inexpensive e-book you'll learn how to

  • program a cookie server to dispense wisdom to your laptop
  • generate Morse code from text you type
  • control a family of LEDs to display ripple patterns and binary numbers
  • annoy your friends and family by making sounds from inside your sketches
  • monitor light levels using an LDR sensor

The parts are available as an inexpensive kit. If you prefer you can buy them from a local supplier.

You'll also need an Arduino, or a Shrimp you've built yourself.

Want me to run a workshop?

I regularly run workshops based on these e-books. If you're involved in a group that might like one, contact me via email or twitter.